Good Morning Heart

Once, long time ago, I was  a teacher in a secondary school. I was very popular. Each time I walked down the street,  I had to greet hundreds of pupils. I got an idea to make a plate with a Hello (or Good Morning) written upon it, and just raise it up, when I’d pass by all the pupils, not to remain without my voice by the end of the day, hence I needed it to give a lecture in a class next morning.

Good Morning Heart.pngBut wearing a Good Morning Heart T-Shirt is a much better answer to this issue. So, I opened a T-shirt shop at Spreadshirt and made a T-shirt with a multilingual Good Morning in a heart form.  And, of course, on my spreadshirt site there  are many other designs that relate to the posts on my blog. Many of them concern your and your families survival. Good luck.

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