The Impact of Climate Geoengineering on Agriculture

The Climate Geoengineering (CG) is being carried out for nearly two decades now. Some[1] state it has started in 1996. The precise composition of the aerosols used in CG in a particular moment is known only to those who order it. History of the CG dates back to the WW2 with the production of fog during the bombing and after WW2 it continued as hail prevention, while in English speaking countries it was also carried out as Air Force experiments on the inhabitants (i.e. Project Clover Leaf, etc.) The CG intensified in 1996 as a project of American Air Force to own the weather[2] and as a trial to combat global warming, which was based on climate models – according to some of the experts; some of those climate models have a 100% error. There is no need to spend time discussing[3] global warming, hence even some more visible advocates of global warming like prof. Chris Folland state that the data aren’t important, hence their recommendations are based on models. We should mention, though, that the climate changes were invented in England in the 19th century, but the idea wasn’t picked up, at least not until it was used by Margaret Thatcher[4], what caused a closing of the coal mines and transition to the nuclear power production of the electric energy. For quite some time, it is being mentioned that the stock of crude oil will expire. King M. Huber[5] who claimed that the stock of crude oil will run out, made this up. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the changes regarding the use of the crude oil wouldn’t be welcome. Although my car mechanic says that the transition to the electric car will cause the economy to collapse entirely. It looks like when those on the top of the pyramid want to achieve something, they invent a problem and repeat it long enough for the masses to react on the presented problem and then propose the solutions, like implementing new taxes or technologies. Climate Geoengineering has mainly two major ways of operation: Solar Radiation Management (SRM; SAG- Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering is part of it) and Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR)[6]. How does cloud seeding – chemtrails carried out in troposphere fit in this operation is not exactly explained. During the UNEP Nagoya conference in 2010, a five (5) year moratorium on geoengineering treaty was signed except for the experiments in minor extent[7].

In May 2012 the ETC Group in the framework of the project HOME (Hands off Mother Earth) managed to prevent an English trial to inject sulphur into the atmosphere (project named SPICE in the framework of geoengineering), The ETC group is inviting everyone who is willing to oppose the geoengineering to: How it is to breathe sulphur we know from times when we were heating on coal. Maybe something can be achieved this way.

Geoengineering is primarily big business and will not solve the problem, because it was established primarily to use the weather in military purposes and striving to own what isn’t their property. Maybe people should demand to declare the sky as a nature resort where any experiments with chemicals, nanoparticles, artificial DNA and ELF waves (radar technology which seems to be mostly used on the Earth poles) are forbidden[8]. Meanwhile, in 1997, the trading with the weather started on Chicago stock exchange CME-GLOBEX. In 2012, 8 metropoles where included in this trade, some of them European. In the USA cloud seeding was going on for quite a while by now[9]. That’s why also the consequences are more thorough. Some advocates of the prohibition of geoengineering (Rosalind Peterson, Barbara H. Peterson and others) as a consequence of geoengineering mention:

  • Reduced harvest, because the plants can’t ripen due to the lack of sunlight;
  • Acidification of the soil due to the use of aluminium, iron and other particles[10], and various salts;
  • Dying of the trees from top to bottom;
  • Disappearing of the bees.

Other authors[11] mention reappearance of rachitis where it was extinguished (due to vitamin D insufficiency), incidences of new diseases, decrease of the immunity of living beings, the disappearance of the bats, changing pH value of the soil. Among other consequences we can also find the lowering of the sky for about 1 km due to the fewer clouds being formed in the higher layers of the atmosphere, changed composition of the atmosphere, changed composition of the clouds, changed outlook of the sky, the increase of CO2 due to the increased air traffic[12] , and presumably increased use of fuel due to the increased air traffic. As it was proved already in 1998 that the blue light the receptors in human eyes receive from the sky during a clear sunny day increases immunity, vigilance, brain activity (e.g. people make fewer errors) and more appropriate emotional responses, we can presume that an increase of the milkiness of the sky decreases the benefits of the blue light[13]. American authors state that serious consequences of the stratospheric aerosol geoengineering for the living beings appear after 10 years of its execution. Higher concentration of aluminium in the air also increases the incidence of Alzheimer disease. It is not difficult to establish that a poisonous atmosphere won’t contribute to the health of the living beings on Earth. The articles and reports from the US mention primarily chemical exhausts; newer is also nano exhausts or nano trails. For this purpose, MEMS or GEMS are used (MEMS – microelectromechanical sensors, GEMS – global electromechanical sensors), that are used to detect the activity inside the clouds and can land on the plate, or in the eyes or noses and are considered a cause of the increase of the allergies. Yet, these are only two among the long list of the consequences of the stratospheric aerosol geoengineering. Condensation trails due to the aircraft gas exhausts are forming on ca. 8000 m altitude and -40 degree Celsius and 70% humidity and disperse after 2-3 minutes, because they are made of ice crystals; with higher humidity, they linger longer; in higher altitudes, the condensation trails don’t form.

And, if you truly distrust the explanation above, then read this:

»Are mean global temperature values correct? Probably not entirely. The values have been calculated using monthly thermometric series from records kept by around 14,000 meteorological observatories set up all over the world since the mid-19th century. However, until the middle of the 20th century, the network of registered stations was very poor, and the observatories themselves were few and poorly spaced. Only 1,000 stations have series that cover the whole 20th century and almost all are located in Europe and the United States. It is, therefore, possible that calculation errors were made when the data was extrapolated to include the entire surface of the planet. The lack of measurements in many areas, especially in Africa, South America, Asia and the oceans, makes the spatial resolution upon which the calculation is based very low. Basically, the earth’s surface is divided into pixels of 5° of longitude x 5° of latitude (with the Iberian Peninsula, for example, taking up fewer than four pixels) and each pixel is then assigned the mean value of the temperatures registered in the stations located within it. Next, the mean global temperature is calculated by working out the mean value of all the pixels.« (p.165) Anton Uriarte’s book Earth’s Climate History.

If the above quote seems to be too far from the past, then maybe the more recent explanation about models by dr Patrick Mihaels might shed some light into this deviant new belief system.

Or, listen to the lecture of the Professor Ivar Giaever, the 1973 Nobel Prizewinner, explaining that global warming has become a new religion because you can’t discuss it: Nobel Laureate in Physics; “Global Warming is Pseudoscience”

Or, listen to the John Coleman presentation (2014) How the Global Warming Scare Began, which may make you reconsider certain ideas and information regarding all this matter. It’s more serious than one may think.

Or, the article (2009) showing the findings of the Shasta Valley, Sonoma, CA, asking if are the Chemtrails Polluting Shasta Water?  They’ve found excess amounts of aluminium in the rain, snow and pond water.

“Scientist David Keith, standing aside fellow geoengineers Ken Caldeira and Alan Robock, said in the geoengineering seminar on February 20 that they have decided to switch their stratospheric aerosol model from sulfur to aluminum. Keith went on to say that 10-20 MEGATONS per year of aerosolized aluminum will be sprayed into the atmosphere to deflect sunlight to halt global warming.”

And, believe me, or not trees don’t like too much aluminium – I’ve once planted a lemon tree in an aluminium pot, and it died off.

You still want to believe that global warming is true and the geoengineering is the only real solution? And if the chemtrails are the exotic weapon, as mentioned in the pdf attachment of this article: What are Chemtrails and How Are They Harming Our Food and Water? why don’t we consider anyone using such a weapon as an enemy? Would you ever trust anyone using any type of weapon on you?

Disclaimer: I stopped following this topic two years ago, so the data are from back then. I didn’t conduct any study, and I merely present the data found in the open sources on the internet.

Correction: A website that states that chemtrails are an exotic weapon and that geoengineering is not the same as chemtrails:

A website that claims to monitor geoengineering:

And a must read the article about nano chemtrails


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[10] All consequences should not be assigned to the SAG; in the USA every rocket launch that carries a space shuttle into the atmosphere, releases 240 tons of HCl, 26 tons of Cl2, 7 tons of NO and 304 tons of Al2O3. HCl acid melts 16 m concrete launching platform, raises the concentration of HCl acid in the nearby lakes up to 3M, and causes massive death of the fish in the oceans and destroys the car paint on the cars. The major chemists think, that HCl acid is the major cause of the holes in the ozone layer of the atmosphere. In previous years NASA tested the rocket fuel ALICE (aluminium and ice from water) The rocket launching schedule for 2012 and an archive for until 2007

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Below: clearly visible normal clouds, we were once used to, and the seeded clouds (look like gauze like tissue).

Clearly visible ordinary and seeded clouds