Punishing Mode

Just another view on the world’s miserable state of affairs

It seems that humans mostly exist in punishing mode. Being punished and punishing. From the early years on, we are being brought up between reward and punishment. We are so used to it that most of us hardly do things differently. Maybe punishments became less physically abusive, or revengeful, and maybe we are unaware of it, but punishing mode it is. Besides punishing mode, humans exhibit owning mode. We behave like we are owners of the land and what’s upon, above and beneath it. We behave like we own our relatives to certain extent or sometimes even entirely, even though in reality we could own only our spirit, soul, mind and body – these four are truly our own. Because of this prevalent owning mode, we actually don’t own ourselves, but are owned to a certain extent by those who surround us, by those who reside in our hearts, or by the owners of the ideas that reside in our minds. Just think of all the ideas of video games, commercials and all the wrong ideas we were taught in school. In some societies humans are just the ownership of their parents or others. Not everyone on the planet is willing to own another person’s mind, heart, spirit, or body. One feels truly lucky to meet this kind of people. Where there is ownership, there is the need to control the property: is it still there, is it still behaving properly, etc. And, when the property doesn’t behave according to the set of proprietor’s ideas, the property is punished on the scale of punishment severity. The scale of punishment severity ranges from reminding to destroying (with a very broad spectrum of ideas, deeds, and applied means). And, humans use lots of imagination to invent punishing methods and their implementation. Tons of human energy is invested in this endeavor alone. It seems a true Koyaanisqatsi.


Good Morning Heart

Once, long time ago, I was  a teacher in a secondary school. I was very popular. Each time I walked down the street,  I had to greet hundreds of pupils. I got an idea to make a plate with a Hello (or Good Morning) written upon it, and just raise it up, when I’d pass by all the pupils, not to remain without my voice by the end of the day, hence I needed it to give a lecture in a class next morning.

Good Morning Heart.pngBut wearing a Good Morning Heart T-Shirt is a much better answer to this issue. So, I opened a T-shirt shop at Spreadshirt and made a T-shirt with a multilingual Good Morning in a heart form.  And, of course, on my spreadshirt site there  are many other designs that relate to the posts on my blog. Many of them concern your and your families survival. Good luck.

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