The South Wall of Hyper/Supermarkets – A Photovoltaic Power Pant

In the last two decades the super/hypermarkets multiplied so drastically that according to our statistic bureau we have the highest amount of square meters of shopping spaces per person in Europe. Also the consumption of electricity increased considerably. These huge shopping places use pretty much lighting, but the heaviest consumers of electricity are the refrigerators and freezers.

This is why we should consider turning the south wall of every super/hypermarket into a photovoltaic power plant, so these shopping malls would produce the electricity for their own needs. In this way they could create some savings in their electricity bill and reduce the overlightedness of the surroundings during the night that the shopping malls usually produce.

Anyway, the photovoltaic transparent windows have been invented also, so a skyscraper can produce its own electricity. Presumably one already functions on Manhattan.

We can hardly say that in this way we will prevent the degradation of the land. If due to the increased need for electricity the power plant won’t be built here, but a photovoltaic power plant on the shopping mall’s wall instead, the raw materials will still need to be dug out somewhere else.

Yet, the surroundings might be a bit less overlit. We would fool ourselves if we would think it is sustainable (after the expiration date of the photovoltaic panels the raw materials don’t return where they were dug out), but we would produce the electricity on the plot where the natural environment has already been degraded by construction of the shopping mall.

Maybe someone could still study if the electricity can be produced from the overly heated thin-plated south wall of the shopping malls.


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